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ENGLISH VERSION: One of the judges of the RF Constitutional Court supported the position of the First Hierarch of ROAC according to which the holy relics cannot be considered as the "objects of civil rights"

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation declined the complaint from Metropolitan Theodore (Gineyevsky), First Hierarch of Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC), concerning the unjustified application of Article 128 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation to...
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Опубликовано: 24.07.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: Worshipping God and saving the immortal souls of the faithful – such is the key objective of the faithful of the ROAC. Article published by Suzdal official newspaper in pursuance of the court decision dated June 16

Openness of the Orthodox faith for all and freedom of human person are the most important principles of the Orthodoxy. According to its doctrine, a human being is free ad initium, and the goal of spiritual life is...
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Опубликовано: 08.07.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: Kyiv Greek Catholic archbishop tells "Orthodox brothers" not to believe propaganda, look at the truth. Mgr Sviatoslav Shevchuk makes an appeal for reconciliation, following Moscow Patriarchates attacks

Through AsiaNews Mgr Sviatoslav Shevchuk makes an appeal for reconciliation, following Moscow Patriarchate's attacks. "It is time to recognise the dignity of the Ukrainian people and Church." Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis, tensions are getting worse...
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Опубликовано: 23.06.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: “Proving one’s own viewpoint may be rather dangerous for one’s life. This is why we simply serve the people” - PYOTR DUDNIK, Surrogate to Protestant Bishop in Slavyansk (Ukraine) Alexey Demidovich

Portal-Credo.Ru: Could you give an account of the circumstances in which the separatists from the Donetsk People’s Republic arrested and later released Bishop Alexey Demidovich? He refused to give any comments saying only that "there had been no...
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Опубликовано: 28.05.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: Interlocution within the framework of the preparations for the examination of the claim from the representatives of ROAC against Vladimirskiye Vedomosi and Suzdalskaya Nov newspapers was held in Suzdal District Court

On April, 21 Judge Olga Kondratieva of Suzdal District Court conducted a preparatory meeting of the litigants in the case on the claim from the representatives of the clergy and the laity of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church...
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Опубликовано: 22.04.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: The authorities of Vladimir Region intensify their efforts to renovate Suzdal’s Convent of the Deposition of the Robe in favor of which the relics of Saint Euphrosynia are being confiscated from ROAC

A strong boost was given to the works aimed at the renovation of the Convent of the Deposition of the Robe in Suzdal upon the initiative of Svetlana Orlova, Governor of Vladimir Region, reports "Portal-Credo.Ru" correspondent with reference...
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Опубликовано: 01.04.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: New ROAC parish opened in Italy

On February 10-21, 2014, Archbishop Andrei (Maklakov), administrator of the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC) outside Russia, made an arch-pastoral trip to Italy. The key objective of the trip was to establish an Orthodox parish...
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Опубликовано: 14.03.2014

ENGLISH VERSION: “In the holy relics case the state definitely gives preference to one confession over another”, says Metropolitan Theodore of Suzdal and Vladimir, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC)

Portal-Credo.Ru: The court decision obliging you to transfer the "items named as the relics (bones)" of Saints Euphymios and Euphrosynia of Suzdal to the Russian Federation entered into force. At the same time, as follows from the text...
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Опубликовано: 28.02.2014