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ENGLISH VERSION: Monastery received to the OCA

Metropolitan Herman (Orthodox Church in America) received two monastic priests and three novices from the former Eastern Rite Catholic Monastery of the Holy Cross, OCA Communications reports. With the acceptance of the monastery and its brotherhood into the...
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Опубликовано: 06.11.2003

ENGLISH VERSION: Putin’s sticks and carrots

The relations of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, with church can hardly be called simple. But there’s a fact: there are some. During Yeltsin’s reign, you could never find a mention of any official President’s attitude towards...
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Опубликовано: 13.10.2003

ENGLISH VERSION: Eroding Religious Freedom

В англоязычной части нашего Портала размещена статья Лоренса Уззела "Опасная религиозная свобода: Путин создает привиллегированные религиозные конфессии".

Опубликовано: 27.01.2003

ENGLISH VERSION: Christmas without Santa Clauses

The time when we tried to bring everything in from the West – from video players to political structure and cultural traditions – is over. Now one is more likely to come across a wild and hysterical anti-Westerner,...
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Опубликовано: 09.01.2003

ENGLISH VERSION: MP and ROCOR negotiations started in Moscow

MP and ROCOR negotiations started in Moscow В сюжете:19 ноября 2002, 20:02 ДОКУМЕНТ: Итоговый документ Второй конференции "История Русской Православной Церкви в ХХ веке" (1930-1948 годы)19 ноября 2002, 18:34 ДОКУМЕНТ: Научная конференция представителей РПЦ МП и РПЦЗ. Официальное...
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Опубликовано: 15.11.2002