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ENGLISH VERSION: Appeal of Archbishop Gregory of Colorado to Metropolitan Theodore of Suzdal and the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC)

We, the Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, greet you during this season of the Great Fast.

I was very sad to hear of the death of Vladyka Metropolitan. May God have mercy on his soul.

On the occasion of the fortieth day after the repose of Metropolitan Valentine, I consider it now an appropriate time to ask you and your Synod to consider the correction of the many and various uncanonical actions that Metropolitan Valentine has enacted against myself and the Church in America.

It is very important for the Church in Russia to correct these infractions against the holy canons, for these are laws of God which we have made vows as hierarchs to obey. In the light of all that has happened to the ROAC after Metropolitan Valentine committed these offenses, you should reflect on this dark past of your history and desire to correct it. It is without question the duty of us bishops to correct any lawlessness in the Church that is within our power to correct, if we hope to find mercy before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

The following is a list of infractions that must be corrected:

1. You must acknowledge that Metropolitan Valentine did not have canonical, immediate and personal jurisdiction over all Bishops and their dioceses. This is a papal innovation, and he had no right to interfere in my diocese in violation of the holy canons; 8th of the 3rd Ecumenical Council, 9th of Antioch, 64th and 67th of Carthage.

2. You must acknowledge that Metropolitan Valentine had no right to invoke the Russian Kniga Consistorium (Book of Consistory), to act as a pope, because it contradicts the canons of the Church, and has been condemned by the Russian Church under St. Patriarch Tikhon.

3. You must condemn the action of Metropolitan Valentine of uncanonically stealing Father Andrew from my diocese and monastery and ordaining him a bishop. He is a deposed priest who continues to this day to cause scandal, not only to your church, but also to his personal character. His ordination as a bishop must be acknowledged by you and ROAC as invalid, that he is just a simple monk since he was justly and canonically deposed.

4. You must condemn the action of Metropolitan Valentine in distributing ridiculous and slanderous accusations against me, that the Metropolitan knew to be false, solely for the purpose of discrediting my character, accusations of me bribing him with $40,000 at one time, and at another time with $30,000, accusing me of forgery and of trying to be the bishop of China!

5. You must acknowledge that you illegally received 180 Haitian people and their "priest" into the Church without their having ever received holy Baptism, and thus introducing an unacceptable tradition into the Orthodox Church, contrary to the Canons.

6. You must acknowledge that Metropolitan Valentine tried to destroy my episcopacy by suspending and 'retiring' me completely without canonical cause.

7. You must acknowledge that maintaining Father Vladimir Shiskoff as Administrator of North America, was a mistake, when it was manifestly proven by the testimony of Father Dionysi McGowan and Father Fotios Roseboro that he is a crypto-Cyprianite, giving communion to ecumenists.

Now is the opportunity and the time to correct all of the above mistakes of Metropolitan Valentine, which you may have participated in unknowingly. This is the opportunity to set the record straight and to put the ROAC back on a good course of fidelity to the holy canons. If this could be accomplished our churches could enter into communion again.

I beseech you to please consider what I say.

With love in Christ our Savior,

+Archbishop Gregory

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